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  • 06/04/18 - An experimental category for player-created original characters has been added. Add a tag starting with "oc:" to add original characters. See the section on original characters in the upload page for more information.
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  • 10/28/17 - As of now, BBHbooru is open to artwork for games streamed under the umbrella of those who specialize in MAME and obscure computer games. Propose new names for this site in the appropriate Discords.
artist:hokutonoshock edited_screenshot game:shock_troopers mikudayo // 1400x1050 // 318.4KB artist:hokutonoshock edited_screenshot game:the_super_spy mikudayo // 1400x1050 // 245.4KB artist:annk char:penkuro game:let's_attack_crazy_cross // 1200x1200 // 203.8KB artist:biffmanjaw mame_roulette_finale sheep // 300x300 // 13.2KB artist:rusty char:mappy game:zelda_ii:_the_adventure_of_link mame_roulette_finale // 512x480 // 8.9KB artist:anothernohman bestfromnow char:chicken_(chicken_farm) char:dinosaur_(bongo) mame_roulette_finale oc:1p-bub sheep // 1536x2048 // 361.6KB artist:hokutonoshock edited_screenshot game:cyber-lip mikudayo // 1550x1080 // 190.5KB arcade_cabinet char:bongo char:racheal dannys game:double_dribble mame_roulette_finale sheep udidit // 562x566 // 43.7KB artist:shingen char:bongo char:pink mame_roulette_finale mikudayo // 1275x1275 // 236.7KB artist:goemonsama char:ryu_(street_fighter) game:street_fighter_ii mame_roulette_finale sheep // 1200x1002 // 344.9KB artist:goemonsama char:mr._babu game:stack_columns // 1200x1093 // 503.0KB artist:annk mame_roulette_retrospective sheep thank // 1200x1200 // 193.2KB artist:annk game:nba_showtime:_nba_on_nbc sheep // 900x1200 // 242.6KB artist:ssfsx17 char:ranger_(quake) game:quake_arcade_tournament_edition // 729x565 // 73.3KB artist:annk char:rogue_(x-men) game:x-men_vs._street_fighter // 1200x1200 // 298.3KB artist:guntanks_in_space char:danny_sullivan game:cart_fury // 720x720 // 220.5KB artist:guntanks_in_space char:oichi game:sengoku_basara_x // 720x720 // 239.9KB artist:goemonsama char:julia_chang game:tekken game:tekken_5 // 1200x1109 // 403.4KB artist:goemonsama char:vice game:the_king_of_fighters // 823x1200 // 403.2KB artist:tepidsnake char:julia_chang char:pink game:tekken game:tekken_7 // 346x509 // 16.5KB artist:guntanks_in_space char:jaycee game:tekken game:tekken_tag_tournament_2 // 720x720 // 171.9KB artist:furiousrockets char:julia_chang dannys game:tekken game:tekken_6:_bloodline_rebellion sheep // 500x500 // 191.6KB artist:annk char:e._honda game:street_fighter game:street_fighter_iv // 900x1200 // 246.3KB artist:furiousrockets char:e._honda char:m._bison game:street_fighter game:super_street_fighter_iv // 500x500 // 203.5KB