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tommy   char:baraka   char:baron of hell   char:baron von blubba   char:bart simpson   char:batman   char:battle angels   char:bavmorda   char:bear hugger   char:beatrice (the rumble fish)   char:beat (mega man)   char:beavis   char:beltiana   char:ben breaker   char:bert (dragon history)   char:betty (gain ground)   char:biff slamkovich   char:big kong   char:big mama   char:big the cat   char:big van vader   char:billot   char:billy lee   char:bill rizer   char:bill s. preston   char:birdiy   char:birthday   char:blackheart   char:black cat   char:black knight (black knight 2000)   char:black orchid   char:black tiger   char:blade hunter   char:blinky   char:blitztank   char:bloody wolf   char:blood (vendetta)   char:blooper   char:blue mary rian   char:boat   char:bobblun   char:bob (bubble bobble)   char:boggy   char:bomberman   char:bomberman 2   char:bongo   char:bongo (congo bongo)   char:bongo (stinger)   char:bonus-kun   char:boo   char:boomer (vendetta)   char:boomer hayes   char:boris (violent storm)   char:boy (super slam)   char:brad (mystic warriors)   char:bret conrad   char:brian battler   char:bridget   char:broadway   char:bub   char:bubba (undercover cops)   char:bubblun   char:bubsy   char:bub (bubble bobble)   char:bub (rainbow islands)   char:buck (badlands)   char:bud tucker   char:bulleta   char:bullet (wild guns reloaded)   char:bullwinkle   char:bull (speed spin)   char:bunta (psychic 5)   char:butt-head   char:c-3po   char:cacodemon   char:caetano nascimento   char:caleb goldman   char:calorie-kun   char:cammy white   char:captain america   char:captain bible   char:captain carnage   char:captain commando   char:captain kidd   char:car-pet   char:carnivorous primate   char:carol stanzack   char:carrie (power balls)   char:cathy   char:cathy (top hunter)   char:cattydox   char:cat (super world court)   char:chample   char:cham cham   char:chap   char:charley chuck   char:charlotte christine de colde   char:cheep cheep   char:chelnov   char:cheri   char:cherlindrea   char:chewbacca   char:chicken (chicken farm)   char:chicken leg   char:chief (guardians of the 'hood)   char:chitta   char:christof romuald   char:christopher belmont   char:chris (bullet)   char:chris helper   char:chun-li   char:cicini   char:ciel   char:cindy (captain flag)   char:cisty   char:claire redfield   char:clara hananokoji   char:clash   char:claudia silva   char:cleofactra   char:clint (wild guns)   char:clovis   char:cody travers   char:common raccoon   char:companion cube   char:conan (mirai shounen conan)   char:cookie (cookie & bibi)   char:cormano   char:cornholio   char:cotton   char:crab invader   char:crazy kong   char:crispy   char:cuphead   char:curly howard   char:cyber-lip   char:cyclops   char:daigo kazama   char:dallas cowboys   char:dana   char:dana (solomon's key)   char:danny sullivan   char:daphne (dragon's lair)   char:daredevil   char:dark queen   char:das lof gang   char:death=adder   char:death (castlevania)   char:death (the house of the dead)   char:deco boy   char:dee jay   char:devlin arcanus   char:devon aidendale   char:dhalsim   char:diaochan (knights of valour)   char:dick tracy   char:dinosaur   char:dinosaur (bongo)   char:dirk the daring   char:dobkeratops   char:dogi   char:dog (super slam)   char:dom (space harrier)   char:donatello (tmnt)   char:donkey kong   char:don davis   char:don quixote (super don quixote)   char:doomguy   char:down under dan   char:dr. bomb   char:dr. toppel   char:dracula   char:dracula (castlevania)   char:dracula (castle of dracula)   char:duck king   char:duke togo   char:dynamite duke   char:e.t.   char:e. honda   char:eater   char:edie burret   char:ed boon   char:eightman   char:eldylabor   char:electric fan   char:elena stoddart   char:elepantsu   char:eliot ness   char:eliza masters   char:elliott (e.t.)   char:elora danan   char:elsbeth lamentia   char:elta   char:emily (girl prisoner)   char:emily (power drift)   char:emmy   char:empress (magical drop)   char:evil otto   char:exchanger   char:ezzmerelda   char:f.f.   char:fairy (gaiapolis)   char:fast freddie   char:fay ajo   char:felicia   char:fighter (dungeons & dragons)   char:filia   char:fin raziel   char:fio germi   char:firebrand   char:flame (undercover cops)   char:flicky   char:forgotten soldier 1p   char:frank castle   char:frederick talimere   char:fred (lunacy)   char:fred flintstone   char:freya "fray" jerbain   char:freya edirne   char:furin   char:futaba sakura   char:fygar   char:gal agiese   char:gambit   char:gangster holding a prisoner   char:garfield   char:garnet (the rumble fish)   char:gau   char:gaw   char:geese howard   char:gembu   char:general (kaiser knuckle)   char:genie (dark edge)   char:geoffroi le brun   char:gerochan (super world court)   char:gilius thunderhead   char:gillian seed   char:gimmick   char:girl (secret of mana)   char:glass joe   char:god (actraiser)   char:goemon   char:golden axe   char:gomander   char:gon   char:goomba   char:goro   char:grampa (midnight mutants)   char:great thing   char:grim reaper   char:guan yu   char:guile   char:gunz   char:guy kazama   char:guzzler   char:haggar   char:han solo   char:haohmaru   char:happy liza   char:harrier   char:harry lime   char:hatsune miku   char:hawk (vendetta)   char:heidern   char:heihachi mishima   char:hibari   char:highway cat   char:hikari (the rumble fish)   char:hikaru (parodius)   char:hilda berg   char:hinata wakaba   char:hisomi   char:homer simpson   char:homo barbarian   char:honeybee   char:honey (fighting vipers)   char:hong hua   char:horny   char:hose mendoze   char:hulk hogan   char:hunchback   char:hydra   char:i-no   char:i.o   char:ianmyrth   char:ibuki   char:ida   char:iggy   char:imp (doom)   char:inspector gadget   char:invader girl   char:iroha (samurai shodown)   char:iron-cover   char:iron man   char:jack-o' valentine   char:jackie chan   char:jack (iron commando)   char:jack rabbit   char:jack tenrec   char:james arkwright   char:jam kuradoberi   char:janet (dance dance revolution)   char:janet marshall   char:janne (world heroes)   char:jar-jar binks   char:jason voorhees   char:jaycee   char:jean-luc picard   char:jennifer simpson   char:jerry scott   char:jill (jill of the jungle)   char:jill (top skater)   char:jimmy (rushing beat shura)   char:jimmy hartman   char:jimmy lee   char:jindog   char:joe (ninja combat)   char:joe higashi   char:joe piscopo   char:joe yabuki   char:john   char:johnny (spin master)   char:johnny cage   char:john bantline saigo   char:john crawley   char:john freezer   char:john mcclane   char:john ryan   char:john spartan   char:jonathan frakes   char:jonathan ingram   char:jotaro kujo   char:jubei yamada   char:judge dredd   char:julia chang   char:jumpman   char:jun kazama   char:jurane   char:juste belmont   char:justice (the house of the dead)   char:justicia   char:kaga (azur lane)   char:kage-maru   char:kage (the legend of kage)   char:kakuei tanaka   char:kamen rider zo   char:kan-u   char:kane (survival arts)   char:kapt'n krooz'r   char:karen (alien storm)   char:karin kanzuki   char:karin son   char:karla (alien storm)   char:karla keller   char:karnov   char:kasumi (blood warrior)   char:kasumi (dead or alive)   char:kasumi (hangzo)   char:katrina (quest for glory: shadows of darkness)   char:kazuma kiryu   char:kei (kageki)   char:kenbo   char:kenshiro   char:kenta nakamura   char:ken masters   char:key-boy   char:khalil (bebe's kids)   char:kimberly alex   char:kim kaphwan   char:king (d.d. crew)   char:king (the king of fighters)   char:king fossil   char:kiniro   char:kinshiro   char:kisarah westfield   char:kitana   char:kiyone (cute fighter)   char:knorrli   char:knuckles   char:kohen   char:kohran li   char:kohtaro kuga   char:kolk lance   char:kong   char:kris b. fujimiya   char:kung lao   char:kunio   char:kunoichi (the ninja warriors)   char:kurenai   char:kuri kinton   char:kurokishi   char:kyosuke kagami   char:kyouko (kunio-kun)   char:kythring   char:kyubey   char:labyrinth monster (original character)   char:ladd spencer   char:larry fine   char:larry laffer   char:lashawn (bebe's kids)   char:lee rekka   char:leia organa   char:leila (rolling thunder 2)   char:leonardo (stagger i)   char:leonard cohen   char:leung   char:lila (war of the dead)   char:linda (spikeout)   char:linda rotta   char:link   char:linn kurosawa   char:lisa kusanami   char:liza (violent storm)   char:li hua   char:locke cole   char:lola (zzyzzyxx)   char:lorenzo   char:lorna   char:losi   char:luke skywalker   char:lulu (shock troopers 2nd squad)   char:luna   char:luna (slashout)   char:lupin iii   char:lyla blue   char:lynn minmay   char:m. bison   char:m. bison (dictator)   char:ma-04x zakrello   char:macro the pathfinder   char:mac (kyros)   char:madam (mouja)   char:maddog williams   char:madelyn   char:madmartigan   char:madonna   char:magneto   char:mail (popful mail)   char:mai shiranui   char:maki genryusai   char:makoto (ane-san)   char:makoto (street fighter)   char:makoto kotobuki   char:mako sato   char:malyssa   char:mammoth (space harrier)   char:manbe   char:mandrill   char:mao mao   char:mappy   char:marge simpson   char:marian   char:marian (pinball graffiti)   char:marielle (touryuu densetsu elan doree)   char:marie bee   char:marilyn sue   char:mario   char:marion   char:marstorius   char:marvin (the apprentice)   char:marv merchants   char:master higgins   char:matanda   char:matt gables   char:matt stuvysant   char:maxim kischine   char:max force   char:mayhem mary   char:mech. taco   char:meemee   char:mega man   char:mei-mei (warriors of fate)   char:meidi=rose   char:mei ling (red earth)   char:meowkie   char:merlin (knights of the round)   char:meryl silverburgh (policenauts)   char:metal gear   char:metal gear mk. ii   char:michael sobut   char:michelangelo (tmnt)   char:michelle heart   char:micky simon   char:midi=rose   char:midler   char:mika slayton   char:mike dawson   char:mikie   char:miko   char:milano itali   char:milan flare   char:milky   char:millia rage   char:mimi   char:mimi (cool minigame collection)   char:mina majikina   char:ming tao   char:minmo   char:miracle rastan   char:misako (kunio-kun)   char:mistress helga   char:mito (the rumble fish)   char:mituki   char:miyuki (fight fever)   char:mmm (super world court)   char:moai (gradius)   char:mobo   char:moe howard   char:moe szyslak   char:mog   char:mohawk kid   char:momoko (momoko 120%)   char:monkey (boggy 84)   char:morgan fairchild   char:mori shintaro   char:morrigan   char:morrigan aensland   char:mortus   char:mr. babu   char:mr. big (narc)   char:mr. dig   char:mr. do   char:mr. driller   char:mr. saturn   char:mr chin (trio the punch)   char:mud wheel   char:mutron   char:mysterious lion   char:myth the loremaster   char:nanatsu   char:nancy (chase h.q.)   char:nassel   char:natsume   char:neanderthal (46 okunen monogatari ~the shinka ron~)   char:neinhalt sieger   char:nemo   char:ness   char:nick (snow bros. 2 - with new elves)   char:nick fury   char:nina williams   char:ninja-kun   char:nirvana (kingdom grand prix)   char:nyami   char:obi-wan kenobi   char:odie   char:oichi   char:opa-opa   char:orion   char:orville (the rumble fish)   char:oscar (pig out)   char:otto (elevator action)   char:our hero (dazzler)   char:ox (karate champ)   char:pac-man   char:panacea   char:pastel   char:patoraco   char:pauline   char:paul murphy   char:paul phoenix   char:peach   char:pee-wee (bebe's kids)   char:pengo   char:penkuro   char:penta   char:pentarou   char:peter pack rat   char:peter pan   char:pettan   char:pettanko   char:pink   char:pink ostrich   char:pirate pete   char:pirhana plant   char:pojo   char:pola abdul   char:polly (toonstruck)   char:pooka   char:popeye   char:poward   char:power player (major title 2)   char:predator warrior   char:priestess (cadash)   char:prin-prin   char:princess salassa   char:princess sissy   char:prince (gaiapolis)   char:prince (prince of persia)   char:prisoner (metal slug)   char:prokop   char:prototype jack   char:psylocke   char:ptolemy   char:puckman (puckman pockimon)   char:pukie   char:q*bert   char:q-bee   char:q2-c2   char:q3-c3   char:q (star trek)   char:r2-d2   char:rabio lepus   char:racheal   char:rainbow mika   char:raiya mikazuchi   char:ralf jones   char:rambo   char:random hajile   char:ranger (quake)   char:ranma saotome (female)   char:raoh   char:raphael (teenage mutant ninja turtles)   char:rastan   char:raymond broady   char:ray (escape from bug island!)   char:ray macdougall   char:reco   char:red arremer   char:red crimson (midnight resistance)   char:regis (murder on the mississippi)   char:relm arrowny   char:richter belmont   char:ricky jones   char:rick anderson   char:rick taylor   char:rider (fate/unlimited codes)   char:riger hawk   char:rika midorikawa   char:riki (kunio-kun)   char:rila estancia   char:ripper ribbit   char:roadkill (comix zone)   char:robert garcia   char:robert landolt   char:robin   char:robin (motor raid)   char:robin harris   char:robo   char:robocop   char:roche   char:rockford   char:roger (dyna gear)   char:rogue (x-men)   char:rolf (galaxy fight)   char:roomi   char:rosa (kizuna encounter)   char:rosa felmond   char:rosemary (asura blade)   char:rouge (power stone)   char:ruby (giga wing)   char:ruby (kagayake! kirakira senshi risky jewel)   char:rugal bernstein   char:rumina   char:rusty sprincul   char:rygar   char:ryoko (world heroes)   char:ryoko izumo   char:ryoko kano   char:ryo sakazaki   char:ryu (avengers)   char:ryu (street fighter)   char:sabin rene figaro   char:sagat   char:sailor jupiter   char:sailor mars   char:sailor moon   char:sailor venus   char:sakura (fate/unlimited codes)   char:sala   char:samchay tomyamgun   char:sarah bryant   char:satsuki yumizuka   char:sayama kaoru   char:sayo-chan   char:sayuki (initial d)   char:say ajo   char:schmierfink   char:scissorman   char:scorpion   char:scottie pippen   char:sebastian (manic panic ghosts!)   char:seedy   char:sentinel   char:serena (vampire: the masquerade)   char:sgt. skyhigh   char:shaktool   char:shalin   char:shao kahn   char:shao khan   char:sharon (numan athletics)   char:sharon l'halles   char:sheena etranzi   char:shermie   char:shingo yabuki   char:shinnok   char:shizuru kamigusa   char:shotaro kaneda   char:shue   char:silk   char:silver (nam-1975)   char:silver hawk   char:simon belmont   char:simon greedwell   char:simon templar   char:sindy   char:sinistar   char:skeleton-t   char:sketch turner   char:skullbyule   char:slimer   char:sly spy   char:smash daisaku   char:smoke   char:smokeman (tecmo knight)   char:snatcher   char:sno-bee   char:sofia (radikal bikers)   char:solid snake   char:solis r8000   char:solvalou   char:sonia (dragon blaze)   char:sonia (psychic force)   char:sonic (vamf x1/2)   char:sonic blast man   char:sonic the hedgehog   char:sonnie   char:sonny lee   char:sophia (warrior blade)   char:sorceress   char:sparkster   char:spelunker   char:spider-man   char:spin   char:squilla   char:stanley the bugman   char:starman   char:stay-puft marshmallow man   char:stella (astra superstars)   char:steven (my hero)   char:steve burnside   char:stiffy   char:strange cloud   char:strider hiryu   char:sub-zero   char:sugiyaman   char:suketoudara   char:suki (dirty pigskin football)   char:sumire kanzaki   char:sun wukong   char:superman   char:super geon   char:super joe   char:super macho man   char:susie (riding hero)   char:suzuki (suzuki bakuhatsu)   char:suzume   char:syd (alpha mission)   char:syd jones   char:sylvia (kung-fu master)   char:tadayo aita   char:taizou hori   char:takeshi (my hero)   char:taki   char:takuma sakazaki   char:tania (mace: the dark age)   char:tanya (cute fighter)   char:tanya (sd fighters)   char:tanya tootsie   char:tapper   char:taraber   char:tarosuke   char:team australia (heavy smash)   char:tecmo rabbit   char:terra branford   char:terry bogard   char:terry rogers   char:testament   char:tetsuo shima   char:theodore logan   char:the destroyer   char:the general   char:the grinch   char:the guardian (the guardian legend)   char:the joker   char:the king babe   char:the master (actraiser)   char:the penitent one   char:the punisher   char:the riddler   char:the sun   char:the terminator   char:the world (magical drop)   char:thief (space dungeon)   char:thomas (kung-fu master)   char:thomas rogan   char:thomas the tank engine   char:thorsten   char:tiala   char:tia langray   char:tiffany lords   char:tiki   char:tiki (the newzealand story)   char:tim taylor   char:tinker bell   char:titan morgan   char:toki   char:tom (brother)   char:tom (fantasy)   char:tony gibson   char:tony redwood   char:top   char:top cat   char:toru rikiishi   char:tough rat   char:toy   char:transportation advisor   char:tsukaima   char:twinbats ryno   char:twinbee   char:tyler (tylz)   char:tyris=flare   char:tyris flare   char:ukyo tachibana   char:ultimate warrior   char:ultraman   char:ultros   char:umeda   char:uncle death   char:uncle poo   char:uriah   char:urien   char:valkyrie (gauntlet)   char:valkyrie (valkyrie no densetsu)   char:vandyke   char:vanessa (demolish fist)   char:vanessa lewis   char:vega (claw)   char:venom (spider-man)   char:vice   char:vic viper   char:vision   char:wally (where's wally?)   char:war machine   char:wayne gretzky   char:werner von wallenrod   char:whroon   char:wilhelm streicher   char:willow ufgood   char:willy beamish   char:witchina   char:wolfgang krauser   char:wolf (dyna gear)   char:wolf (extrapower)   char:wolf hongo   char:wolverine   char:wonder boy   char:woolen   char:wulong   char:yellow iris   char:yoda   char:yogi bear   char:yohko-chan   char:yoo mi-yeon   char:yui kisaragi   char:yuki (the last blade)   char:yuni (dance dance revolution)   char:yuri (mystic warriors)   char:yuri sakazaki   char:zac   char:zak thwacker   char:zangief   char:zaper   char:zap (freeze)   char:zeke (zoo keeper)   char:zenigata   char:zeus   char:zeus (altered beast)   char:zhang fei (knights of valour)   char:zill   char:zupapa   charlie   chuboh   chubohjank   colonel sanders   concernfroge   dannys   danny sullivan   datboi   dat boi   demul   dinosaur king   discord   dnopls   dog   edited screenshot   fknbirdland   floppy disk   fornoreason   frog   game:1942   game:1943: the battle of midway mark ii   game:1945 part 2   game:1 on 1 government   game:2020 super baseball   game:2 on 2 open ice challenge   game:3 count bout   game:3 kingdoms heroes   game:3 ninjas kick back   game:46 okunen monogatari ~the shinka ron~   game:64th street: a detective story   game:abenteuer atlantis   game:ace driver: racing evolution   game:action fighter   game:actraiser 2   game:act of fighter   game:adventures of maddog williams in the dungeons of duridian   game:adventure island   game:aero fighters   game:aero fighters 3   game:after burner climax   game:age of heroes   game:age of heroes: silkroad 2   game:air attack   game:air buster: trouble specialty raid unit   game:air gallet   game:air rescue   game:ajax   game:akatsuki bltizkampf   game:akatsuki bltizkampf ausf. achse   game:akira (amiga)   game:alf   game:alf (master system)   game:aliens   game:alien 3: the gun   game:alien sector   game:alien storm   game:alien vs. predator   game:ali baba and the 40 thieves   game:alligator hunt   game:alpha mission   game:alpine racer 2   game:altered beast   game:american horseshoes   game:ameridarts   game:ane-san   game:angler dangler   game:animal quest   game:anvil of dawn   game:apb   game:appleseed   game:aquajack   game:aqua rush   game:arabian   game:arcadia   game:argus (gottlieb)   game:armadillo racing   game:armed police batrider   game:art of fighting   game:art of fighting 2   game:asian dynamite   game:asterix   game:asteroids   game:astra superstars   game:astron belt   game:astro chase   game:astro marine corps   game:astro wars   game:asuka & asuka   game:asura blade   game:asura blade - sword of dynasty   game:athena   game:atomic runner chelnov   game:attack pla rail   game:atv track: quads on amazon   game:automat   game:avengers   game:ax battler   game:a day in space   game:b. rap boys   game:back street soccer   game:badlands (konami)   game:bagman   game:bakuretsu breaker   game:ball park   game:banbam   game:bang bang ball   game:banshee   game:barbarian ii (amiga)   game:baseball: the season ii   game:batman   game:batman (arcade)   game:batman forever: the arcade game   game:batman forever (pinball)   game:batsugun   game:batsugun special   game:battlesport   game:battletoads   game:battle circuit   game:battle flip shot   game:battle garegga   game:battle princess madelyn   game:beach spikers: virtua beach volleyball   game:beany bopper   game:beastorizer   game:beasts of horror   game:beathead   game:beatmania   game:beatmania 3rd mix   game:beatmania 4th mix   game:beatmania 5th mix   game:beatmania club mix   game:beatmania complete mix   game:beatmania core remix   game:beatmania the final   game:bebe's kids   game:bells & whistles   game:ben bero beh   game:beraboh man   game:best bout boxing   game:best of best   game:biaofeng zhanjing   game:big bucks   game:big fight - big trouble in the atlantic ocean   game:big karnak   game:big kong   game:big striker   game:billiard   game:billiard academy real break   game:bill & ted's excellent adventure (ms-dos)   game:bio-ship paladin   game:bionic commando   game:birdie king   game:bishoujo senshi sailor moon (mega drive)   game:black dragon   game:black jewel   game:black knight 2000   game:black tiger   game:black touch   game:blades of steel   game:blade master   game:blandia   game:blasphemous   game:blazing tornado   game:block-man 1   game:blocken   game:block carnival   game:bloody aria   game:bloody roar   game:blood bros.   game:blood warrior   game:blue's journey   game:blue hawk   game:blue print   game:body slam   game:boggy 84   game:bomber man   game:bomber man world   game:bonanza bros.   game:bongo   game:bonze adventure   game:bosconian   game:botanic   game:boulder dash   game:boxy boy   game:breakers   game:breakers revenge   game:bristles   game:bubbles   game:bubble bobble   game:bubble memories   game:bubble symphony   game:bubsy in: claws encounters of the furred kind   game:bud tucker in double trouble   game:bullet   game:bullfight   game:burglar x   game:burning force   game:bust-a-move again   game:buta-san   game:butcher hill   game:bygone   game:cabal   game:cadash   game:cadillacs & dinosaurs   game:calcune   game:california speed   game:calorie-kun vs. moguranian   game:cannon dancer   game:cannon spike   game:capcom baseball   game:capcom sports club   game:capcom vs. snk   game:capcom vs. snk 2   game:capn zapn   game:captain america and the avengers   game:captain bible   game:captain bible in dome of darkness   game:captain commando   game:captain flag   game:care bears tv games   game:cart fury   game:carver   game:castlevania   game:castlevania: harmony of dissonance   game:castlevania: symphony of the night   game:castlevania: the adventure rebirth   game:castlevania dracula x   game:castle of dracula   game:castle of dragon   game:castle of life   game:castle warrior   game:cat and mouse   game:cavelon   game:caveman ninja   game:centipede   game:champion wrestler   game:change air blade   game:chaos control   game:chaos heat   game:chequered flag   game:chicken farm   game:chicken farm 2k17   game:chimera beast   game:chopper i   game:chuka taisen   game:circus   game:cleopatra fortune   game:cliff hanger   game:cloak & dagger   game:clock tower   game:cloud 9   game:clutch hitter   game:color 'n canvas   game:columns ii: the voyage through time   game:comix zone   game:commando   game:congo (saturn)   game:congo bongo   game:continental circus   game:contra   game:contra hard corps   game:cookie & bibi 2   game:cool boarders arcade jam   game:cool minigame collection   game:cool riders   game:cop 01   game:coryoon   game:cosmic smash   game:cotton   game:cotton 2   game:crack down   game:crazy balloon   game:crazy climber 2   game:crazy jogger   game:crazy kong   game:crazy kong (scramble hardware)   game:crazzy clownz   game:crime city   game:crime fighters 2   game:critter crusher   game:crossed swords 2   game:crouching tiger hidden dragon 2003   game:crude buster   game:cruel world   game:cruis'n usa   game:crusin' world   game:cube quest   game:cuphead   game:cute fighter   game:cutie q   game:cutthroat island   game:cyber-lip   game:cyber sled   game:cyvern: the dragon weapons   game:d-con   game:d.d. crew   game:dacholer   game:dan-ku-ga   game:dance dance revolution   game:dance dance revolution 2nd mix   game:dance dance revolution 3rd mix   game:dance dance revolution 4th mix   game:dance dance revolution 5th mix   game:dangerous seed   game:danny sullivan's indy heat   game:darius   game:dariusburst another chronicle ex   game:dariusburst chronicle saviour   game:darius gaiden   game:darius ii   game:darklands   game:darkseed   game:darkstalkers   game:darkwolf   game:dark edge   game:dark horse legend   game:dark seal 2   game:dark souls   game:dark sun: shattered lands   game:dazzler   game:ddrmax dance dance revolution 6thmix   game:dead angle   game:dead of the brain   game:dead or alive   game:dead or alive++   game:dead or alive 2 millennium   game:deathsmiles   game:death by dark shadows   game:defender of the faith: the adventures of david   game:deliverance (amiga)   game:delvion   game:demolish fist   game:demolition man (3do)   game:demon's crest   game:demons and dragons   game:denjin makai ii   game:deroon derodero   game:der clou!   game:desert assault   game:desert war   game:destroy   game:devastators   game:devil fish   game:dezaemon plus   game:dick tracy (genesis)   game:dies irae   game:diet go go   game:die hard arcade   game:dig dug   game:dig dug 2   game:dimahoo   game:dirty   game:dirty pigskin football   game:dirt fox   game:discovery   game:discs of tron   game:doctor hauzer   game:dodge man   game:dodonpachi   game:dodonpachi dai-fukkatsu   game:dodonpachi dai-fukkatsu black label   game:dodonpachi ii - bee storm   game:dog patch   game:doki doki penguin land   game:dolmen   game:donkey kong   game:donkey kong 3   game:donpachi   game:doom   game:dorodon   game:double axle   game:double dragon   game:double dragon 3: the rosetta stone   game:double dribble   game:double wings   game:dr. micro   game:dr. toppel's adventure   game:dračí historie   game:draco   game:dracula (sega cd)   game:dragon's lair   game:dragon blaze   game:dragon breed   game:dragon buster   game:dragon history   game:dragon lore   game:dragon punch   game:dragon saber   game:dragon spirit   game:dragon unit   game:dragster   game:drakkhen   game:dream zone   game:dump matsumoto   game:dungeons & dragons: tower of doom   game:dungeon magic   game:dunk shot   game:dynablaster   game:dynamic ski   game:dynamite cop   game:dynamite deka ex   game:dynamite duck   game:dynamite duke   game:dynamite league   game:dyna gear   game:e-swat   game:e.d.f. earth defense force   game:e.t. (atari 2600)   game:e.v.o. - the theory of evolution (pc-98)   game:eagle shot golf   game:eco fighters   game:edo no kiba   game:effacer   game:eightman   game:eight forces   game:elevator action   game:elevator action returns   game:elfen lied   game:elfin clash   game:el viento   game:empire city: 1931   game:enter the relm   game:entity (amiga)   game:escape from bug island!   game:escape from cyber city   game:escape kids   game:escape route   game:esh's aurunmilla   game:esh's aurunmillia   game:espgaluda ii   game:esp   game:evil stone   game:exciting animal land jr.   game:exed exes   game:explosive breaker   game:extrapower: the giant fist   game:f-15 strike eagle   game:fantastic journey   game:fantastic pinball kyuutenkai   game:fantasy   game:fantasy land   game:fantasy zone   game:faster, harder, more challenging q*bert   game:fast freddie   game:fatal fury   game:fatal fury 2   game:fatal fury 3 - road to the final victory   game:fatal fury special   game:fate/unlimited codes   game:fausetté amour   game:ferrari f355 challenge   game:fight'n rage   game:fighter's history   game:fighter's history dynamite   game:fighting vipers   game:fighting vipers 2   game:fight fever   game:final fantasy record keeper   game:final fantasy vi   game:final fight   game:final fight 2   game:final fight 3   game:final lap   game:final tetris   game:fire fox   game:fire shark   game:fire trap   game:fisherman's bait - a bass challenge   game:fisherman's bait - marlin challenge   game:fist of the north star (arcade)   game:fixeight   game:flame gunner   game:flashgal   game:flash gordon   game:flicky   game:flying ball   game:flying tiger   game:fly boy   game:food fight   game:forgotten worlds   game:fortress 2 blue arcade   game:forty-love   game:fray   game:fred flintstone's memory match   game:freeze (atari)   game:frenzy   game:friday the 13th   game:friday the 13th (commodore 64)   game:frogger   game:funky bee   game:funky fish   game:fun 'n' games   game:future dimension   game:g-loc air battle   game:gaiapolis   game:gaia crusaders   game:gain ground   game:galaga   game:galaxian 3   game:galaxy fight   game:galaxy force ii   game:gals panic 3   game:game tengoku   game:ganbare ginkun   game:gang busters   game:ganryu   game:garfield: big, fat, hairy deal   game:garyo retsuden   game:gate of doom   game:gate of souls   game:gauntlet: dark legacy   game:gauntlet ii   game:gauntlet legends   game:genix family   game:genpei toumaden   game:geostorm   game:get star   game:ghostbusters   game:ghostmuncher galaxian   game:ghosts 'n goblins   game:ghost battle   game:ghost hunter   game:ghost squad   game:ghouls 'n ghosts   game:ghoul panic   game:giant gram 2000   game:giga wing   game:girl's garden   game:girls garden   game:goal '92   game:gokujou parodius   game:gokujyou parodius   game:golden axe   game:golden axe: revenge of death adder   game:golden axe: the duel   game:golden axe ii   game:golden fire ii   game:golden tee   game:golden tee fore!   game:gold of the aztecs   game:golfing greats   game:golgo 13 - kiseki no dandou   game:golly! ghost   game:gourmet battle quiz ryohrioh cooking   game:go by rc   game:gradius iv   game:grand prix star   game:grand striker 2   game:great mahou daisakusen   game:gridiron fight   game:gridlee   game:groove on fight   game:growl   game:guardian   game:guardians   game:guardians of the 'hood   game:guerilla war   game:guevara   game:guilty gear   game:guilty gear isuka   game:guilty gear x   game:guilty gear xrd rev2   game:guilty gear xx #reload   game:guilty gear xx accent core   game:guilty gear xx slash   game:gulf war-ii   game:gunbarich   game:gundam wing endless duel   game:gundhara   game:gunforce ii   game:gunnail   game:gunstar heroes   game:gun survivor 2: resident evil - code veronica   game:gururin   game:gussun oyoyo   game:guzzler   game:hacha mecha fighter   game:hachoo!   game:halley's comet   game:haloween   game:hammerin' harry   game:hangzo   game:hanna-barbera's cartoon carnival   game:hardline   game:hard drivin's airborne   game:hard head   game:hard yardage   game:hatris   game:haunted castle   game:heart heat girls   game:heavy smash   game:heiankyo alien   game:hero   game:high impact football   game:home alone (ms-dos)   game:home improvement   game:home runner   game:homo   game:hook (arcade)   game:hoops '96   game:hopper robo   game:hopping mappy   game:hydra   game:hyper bishi bashi champ   game:i'm sorry   game:i, robot   game:if you think i'm adding 2000 tags to this   game:ikari iii - the rescue   game:ikari warriors   game:iljimae-jeon: manpa sikjeok-pyeon   game:indoor soccer   game:initial d arcade stage   game:initial d arcade stage ver. 2   game:inspector gadget: mission 1 - global terror!   game:international cup '94   game:in search of dr. riptide   game:ironman ivan stewart's super off-road   game:iron commando   game:j.j. squawkers   game:jackie chan - the kung-fu master   game:jackie chan in fists of fire   game:jack rabbit   game:jeopardy! (sega cd)   game:jill of the jungle   game:jin   game:joe & mac   game:joe & mac returns   game:jojo's bizarre adventure   game:jojo's venture   game:joke attack   game:joshi volleyball   game:journey (arcade)   game:joust   game:joust 2: survival of the fittest   game:judge dredd (midway)   game:jump-kun   game:jumping pop   game:jump coaster   game:jungle hunt   game:jungle king   game:kagayake! kirakira senshi risky jewel   game:kageki   game:kaiser knuckle   game:kamikaze cabbie   game:kangaroo   game:karate blazers   game:karate champ   game:karian cross   game:karnov   game:karous   game:kawanakajima ibunroku   game:keith courage in alpha zones   game:kemono friends 3   game:kick and run   game:kick rider   game:kick start - wheelie king   game:kids on site   game:kiki kaikai   game:killer instinct   game:king's field   game:kingdom grand prix   game:king & balloon   game:king of the monsters   game:king of the monsters 2: the next thing   game:kirameki star road   game:kitten kaboodle   game:kizuna encounter - super tag battle   game:knights of the round   game:knights of valour - the seven spirits   game:knights of valour 2 - nine dragons   game:knights of valour super heroes   game:knuckle bash   game:knuckle bash 2   game:knuckle heads   game:kof sky stage   game:konami gt   game:kong (donkey kong conversion on galaxian hardware)   game:kosodate quiz my angel   game:kosodate quiz my angel 2   game:kot-rybolov   game:kris kross: make my video   game:kung-fu master   game:kuri kinton   game:kyouki 2   game:kyros   game:la-pa-pa   game:labyrinth runner   game:lady frog   game:lady master of kung fu   game:lagoon   game:landing gear   game:land maker   game:lasso   game:last alert   game:last battle (amiga)   game:last bronx   game:last hope   game:last knight at camelot   game:last mission   game:last striker   game:league bowling   game:led storm rally 2011   game:lee trevino's fighting golf   game:legendary wings   game:leisure suit larry   game:lemmings   game:leprechaun   game:let's attack crazy cross   game:lethal crash race   game:lethal thunder   game:libero grande   game:life & death 2 - the brain   game:light bringer   game:liquid kids   game:lizard wizard   game:lock'n'chase   game:lode runner iii - the golden labyrinth   game:lode runner iv: teikoku karano dasshutsu   game:lord of gun   game:loremaster   game:lorna   game:low blow   game:lunacy   game:lunar lander   game:lupin iii   game:m-79 ambush   game:ma-ri-a   game:mace: the dark age   game:mach breakers   game:madou monogatari   game:madou monogatari 1 (pc engine)   game:mad dog mccree   game:mad gear   game:magical date   game:magical dinosaur tour   game:magical drop   game:magical drop ii   game:magical drop iii   game:magical pop'n   game:magical speed   game:magical truck adventure   game:magician lord   game:magic bubble   game:mahjong hourouki gaiden   game:major title   game:major title 2   game:maniac square   game:manic panic ghosts!   game:manx tt super bike   game:mappy   game:märchen maze   game:martial champion   game:martial chanpion   game:marvel heroes   game:marvel super heroes   game:marvel vs. capcom   game:marvel vs. capcom 2   game:max rpm   game:mazan: flash of the blade   game:maze invaders   game:megatack   game:mega man 2: the power fighters   game:melty blood   game:metal black   game:metal gear 2: solid snake   game:metal slug   game:metal slug 2   game:metal slug x   game:midnight mutants   game:midnight raiders   game:midnight resistance   game:midnight run: road fighters 2   game:midnight wanderers   game:might and magic: world of xeen   game:might and magic 6-7-8 merge   game:might and magic iii: isles of terra   game:might and magic vi: the mandate of heaven   game:might and magic vii: for blood and honor   game:might and magic viii: day of the destroyer   game:mike's big adventure   game:mikie   game:milano no arubaito   game:mirai shounen conan   game:mission craft   game:miya-sōji   game:moero!! pro yakyuu homerun kyousou   game:moero! justice gakuen   game:momoko 120%   game:money idol exchanger   game:money money   game:money puzzle exchanger   game:monkey ball   game:monster bash   game:monster farm jump   game:moon patrol   game:moon shuttle   game:more more plus   game:mortal kombat   game:mortal kombat 3   game:mortal kombat ii   game:mortal kombat mythologies: sub-zero   game:mosaic   game:motoko-chan's wonder kitchen   game:motörhead   game:motor raid   game:mouja   game:mouser   game:mr. blobby   game:mr. dig   game:mr. do's wild ride   game:mr. driller   game:mr. goemon   game:mtv rock-n-roll trivia (part 2)   game:multimedia celebrity poker   game:munch mobile   game:murder on the mississippi   game:mushihime-sama   game:mushihime-sama futari   game:mushihime-sama futari black label   game:must shoot tv   game:mutant earth   game:mutant night   game:mutation nation   game:mysterious stones - dr. john's adventure   game:mystic warriors   game:my hero   game:nagano winter olympics '98   game:nam-1975   game:namco classics collection volume 1   game:namennayo   game:naname de magic!   game:narc   game:nato defense   game:naughty boy   game:nba jam   game:nba jam tournament edition   game:nba showtime: nba on nbc   game:neck-n-neck   game:nekketsu kouha kunio-kun   game:nekomata tanteisya   game:nemo   game:neogeo battle coliseum   game:neo drift out   game:neo drift out - new technology   game:neo mr. do!   game:neo turf masters   game:neratte chu   game:nettoh quiz champion   game:new dyna blaster   game:new rally-x   game:new rally x   game:new sinbad 7   game:new york! new york!   game:new zero team   game:nfl blitz 2000 gold edition   game:nfl blitz 99   game:nightmare in the dark   game:night slashers   game:night striker   game:ninja-kid ii   game:ninja baseball batman   game:ninja clowns   game:ninja combat   game:ninja master's - haoh-ninpo-cho   game:ninja mission   game:no-ri-ko   game:noah's ark   game:noboranka   game:nostradamus   game:not treasure hunter   game:nouryoku koujou iinkai   game:numan athletics   game:number crash   game:nyan nyan panic   game:office yeo in cheon ha   game:off the wall (atari)   game:oh, deer!   game:oli-boo-chu   game:olymp   game:oo parts   game:opa opa   game:operation firestorm   game:operation ragnarok   game:orbs   game:oriental legend 2   game:osman   game:outzone   game:p-47 aces   game:p.o.w.   game:pac-land   game:pac-man   game:paca paca passion   game:pac mania   game:pang pom's   game:paperboy   game:paris-dakar rally special   game:pasha pasha 2   game:passing shot   game:pengo   game:penguin adventure   game:penguin brothers   game:penky   game:perfect soldiers   game:persona 5   game:peter pack rat   game:pettan-pyuu   game:phozon   game:phylox   game:pigskin 621 a.d.   game:pig newton   game:pig out: dine like a swine!   game:pinball graffiti   game:pinbo   game:pink sweets: ibara sorekara   game:pipe dream   game:pirates   game:pirate pete   game:pit boss superstar   game:pizza to go   game:planet harriers   game:planet joker   game:planet probe   game:plus alpha   game:pnickies   game:point blank 2   game:pokasuka ghost!   game:pokémon   game:pokémon: let's go, eevee!   game:poker ladies   game:pole position 2   game:policenauts   game:pollux   game:ponpoko   game:pop'n music   game:popeye - the tale of seahag the wicked witch   game:popful mail   game:popful mail (sega cd)   game:power-up baseball   game:power balls   game:power drift   game:power instinct   game:power instinct matrimelee   game:power piggs of the dark age   game:power stone   game:prebillian   game:prehistoric isle in 1930   game:presence (pc-98)   game:pretty soldier sailor moon   game:primal rage   game:primal rage 2   game:prince of persia   game:professor pac-man   game:project justice   game:pro bowling   game:pro tennis: world court   game:psychic 5   game:psychic force   game:psycho soldier   game:psyvariar 2: the will to fabricate   game:puchi carat   game:puckman pockimon   game:pulirula   game:punch-out!!   game:pururun   game:putt-putt: pep's birthday surprise   game:puyo puyo da!   game:puyo puyo sun   game:puzzle! mushihime-tama   game:puzzle & action: tant-r   game:puzzle bobble   game:puzzle bobble 2   game:puzzle bobble 3   game:puzzle de bowling   game:puzzle de pon   game:puzzle de pon! r!   game:puzzli   game:puzzli 2   game:puzz loop 2   game:python (arcade)   game:q*bert   game:qb-3   game:qix   game:quake arcade tournament edition   game:quantum   game:quester   game:quest for glory: shadows of darkness   game:quest for the jumping bird   game:quiz & variety sukusuku inufuku   game:quiz bisyoujo sailor moon - chiryoku tairyoku toki no un   game:quiz f1 1-2 finish   game:quiz gakumon no susume   game:quiz jinsei gekijou   game:quiz panicuru fantasy   game:quiz sekai wa show by shobai   game:quiz theater - 3tsu no monogatari   game:r-type   game:rabbit   game:rabbit punch   game:rabi ribi   game:race drivin' (saturn)   game:racing hero   game:rack 'em up   game:radikal bikers   game:radio allergy   game:radirgy   game:radirgy noa   game:rad mobile   game:rad rally   game:rags to riches   game:raguy   game:raiden   game:raiden fighters   game:raiden fighters 2 - operation hell dive   game:raiden ii   game:rail chase 2   game:raimais   game:rainbow islands   game:rambo iii (amiga)   game:rambo iii (arcade)   game:rampage world tour   game:ranger mission   game:rastan   game:rastan (dragon hack)   game:rastan (master system)   game:rastan saga   game:rave racer   game:real bout fatal fury   game:real bout fatal fury special   game:redcat   game:red alert (pc engine-cd)   game:red earth   game:red zone (pc-98)   game:renegade   game:rescue 911   game:rescue raider   game:revolution x   game:rhythm tengoku   game:ribbit!   game:riding hero   game:riot   game:riot city   game:ripcord   game:ripper ribbit   game:rise of the dragon   game:risky challenge   game:road blaster   game:road runner   game:robocop   game:robot-junior   game:rock'n rage   game:rock'n tread   game:rock'n tread 2   game:rod-land   game:rody and mastico   game:rohga: armor force   game:rolling thunder 2   game:romar triv   game:rompers   game:rootin' tootin'   game:rough ranger   game:ruin of lay   game:rumba lumber   game:run and gun 2   game:rushing beat shura   game:rushing heroes   game:rusty   game:rygar (arcade)   game:rygar (nes)   game:rygar (sms)   game:s.o.s.   game:s.p.y. special project y   game:sakura taisen - hanagumi taisen columns   game:salamander   game:salamander 2   game:salary man champ   game:samurai shodown   game:samurai shodown (2019)   game:samurai shodown ii   game:samurai shodown iv   game:samurai shodown v   game:samurai shodown vi   game:samurai shodown v perfect   game:samurai shodown v special   game:san francisco rush   game:saturday night slam masters   game:savage bees   game:savage reign   game:scramble formation   game:sd fighters   game:sd gundam psycho salamander no kyoui   game:sd snatcher   game:seal - magic eye   game:search eye   game:sea wolf ii   game:secret of mana   game:section z   game:segare ijiri   game:sega bass fishing challenge   game:sega rally 2   game:sega tetris   game:seibu cup   game:sekiro   game:sel feena   game:sengeki striker   game:sengoku 2   game:sengoku 3   game:sengoku basara x   game:sengoku blade   game:seventh cross evolution   game:sexual trivia   game:sexy parodius   game:shackled   game:shadow dancer   game:shadow land   game:shape shifter   game:sharpshooter   game:sheriff   game:shikigami no shiro ii   game:shingen samurai-fighter   game:shinobi   game:shin nekketsu kouha: kunio-tachi no banka   game:shippu mahou daisakusen   game:shiryou sensen 2   game:shocking   game:shock troopers   game:shock troopers 2nd squad   game:shogun warriors   game:shooting gallery   game:shuffleshot   game:side arms - hyper dyne   game:silent hill 3   game:silkworm   game:silver millennium   game:simcity 2000   game:simpsons bowling   game:sim safari   game:sinistar   game:skater   game:skull & crossbones   game:skull cracker   game:skull fang   game:sky adventure   game:sky army   game:sky target   game:slashout   game:slip stream   game:sly spy   game:snatcher   game:snipperclips plus   game:snk vs. capcom: card fighters clash   game:snow board championship   game:snow bros.   game:snow bros. 2 - with new elves   game:snow bros. 3 - magical adventure   game:soccer brawl   game:soccer superstars   game:soldier of fortune   game:solomon's key   game:sonic 3 and knuckles   game:sonic blast man   game:sonic cd   game:sonic shuffle   game:sonic the hedgehog   game:sonic the hedgehog 3   game:son son   game:sorcer striker   game:soreike kokology vol. 2 - kokoro no tanteikyoku   game:soulcalibur vi   game:soul edge   game:soul surfer   game:space battle ship gomorrah   game:space cruiser   game:space cyclone   game:space dungeon   game:space gun   game:space harrier   game:space invaders   game:space invaders extreme 2   game:space panic   game:space ranger   game:space zap   game:sparkster   game:spatter   game:spawn: in the demon's hand   game:speed attack!   game:speed ball - contest at neonworld   game:speed coin   game:speed spin   game:spelunker   game:spelunker 2   game:spider-man: the videogame   game:spider-man: web of fire   game:spider-man (hyperscan)   game:spikeout: digital battle online   game:spikeout final edition   game:spin master   game:splat!   game:splatterhouse   game:splatterhouse 3   game:squash (itisa)   game:stack columns   game:stagger i   game:stakes winner 2   game:stanley: the search for dr. livingston   game:star century war   game:star force   game:star guards   game:star trek: borg   game:star wars (dos)   game:star wars episode i: the gungan frontier   game:steep slope sliders   game:stinger   game:stocker   game:story machine ii: star dreams   game:stranded on a desert island   game:street fighter   game:street fighter: the movie   game:street fighter alpha 3   game:street fighter ex   game:street fighter ii   game:street fighter iii   game:street fighter iii: 2nd impact   game:street fighter iii: 3rd strike   game:street fighter iii: new generation   game:street fighter iii 3rd strike   game:street fighter ii (sheng long hack)   game:street fighter ii champion edition (sheng long hack)   game:street fighter iv   game:street fighter zero 3 upper   game:street smart   game:strider   game:strider 2   game:strike bowling   game:stuntcopter   game:success joe   game:sunset riders   game:sunset riders (mega drive bootleg)   game:superior soldiers   game:superman (arcade)   game:super adventure rockman   game:super bubble 2003   game:super bust-a-move   game:super chase - 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master of shooting   game:the goonies (arcade)   game:the guardian legend   game:the history of martial arts   game:the house of the dead   game:the house of the dead 2   game:the house of the dead 4   game:the house of the dead iii   game:the karate tournament   game:the king of fighters   game:the king of fighters '95   game:the king of fighters '96   game:the king of fighters '97   game:the king of fighters '98   game:the king of fighters '98 combo hack   game:the king of fighters '98 ultimate match   game:the king of fighters 2002   game:the king of fighters neowave   game:the king of route 66   game:the last blade   game:the last blade 2   game:the legend of kage   game:the legend of makai   game:the masked rider: kamen rider zo   game:the newzealand story   game:the new zealand story   game:the next space   game:the night warriors   game:the ninja kids   game:the ninja saviors: return of the warriors   game:the ninja warriors   game:the ninja warriors once again   game:the peace keepers   game:the pinball arcade   game:the punisher   game:the rumble fish   game:the rumble fish 2   game:the simpsons (arcade)   game:the super spy   game:the taking of beverly hills   game:the terminator (nes)   game:the three stooges in brides is brides   game:the ultimate 11   game:the untouchables (snes)   game:the violence boy   game:thief   game:thunderjaws   game:thunder blade   game:thunder dragon 2   game:thunder zone   game:tiger-heli   game:timber   game:time crisis: razing storm   game:time hunters   game:time killers   game:time pilot '84   game:time tunnel   game:tinkle pit   game:title fight   game:toki   game:tokio   game:tokyo jungle   game:tongy paccy   game:toonstruck   game:top hunter   game:top landing   game:top shooter   game:top skater   game:tornado baseball   game:torvak the warrior   game:toryumon   game:total carnage   game:totsugeki   game:touché: the adventures of the fifth musketeer   game:touch de zunou   game:tough turf   game:touki denshou angel eyes   game:touryuu densetsu elan doree   game:toy land adventure   game:tri-pool   game:trio the punch - 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