The Opponent

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Code of Conduct

This document describes the principles that guide my behavior on the internet. Report violations to the usual channels and I will take note and do better.

Work in progress.

  • What you choose to post online reflects not only who you are, but what you enjoy in life.
    • Only make public posts that make you happy. If it gives you any negative feelings, do not post it.
    • Regularly review your public posts and evaluate your current position in life. If you discover a past post that makes you unhappy, delete it and stop thinking about it.
    • Before starting or joining conversations, consider if it is one you want to participate in.
    • Never recount personal issues or stories unless it can be made entertaining.
  • Do not let your life be ruled by fear.
    • Never post about current events as they are happening.
    • Contributing to discussions on the state of the world—which is invariably a bad state—is pollution.
    • Reject voluntary behaviors that are deleterious to mental health, especially knowingly "doomscrolling" social media feeds and adding to it.
    • Avoid posting anything in the midst of these conversations. Your content is searchable, and when you look back to find something, you will be reminded of everything around it.
  • Don't think about things you don't like.
    • If you don't like something, just don't engage with it. Do not react, do not reply—any interaction empowers it.
    • In your personal channels, purge words and symbols that anger you with prejudice. Permitting it even once will encourage repeat posts.
    • Kvetching is harmful to the soul. Do so sparingly.
  • It is never necessary to say anything online.
    • Direct confrontation is extremely rarely necessary. When the time comes, however, gather all evidence needed to close off all possible refutation before you make your attack.
    • Say nothing and you will never have to worry about it.

In following these guidelines, you ensure all of your online content is timeless and protected from context problems.