The Opponent

A literal barrel of sunshine. *Contents may vary.


  • Streets of Rage ROM hack with the Three Stooges
  • Graphing calculator watch
  • 5D Chess With Multiversus
  • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Remake, in the style of the Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • The Mancala Effect, an old board game that doesn't play the way you remember
  • ROM hack for Nickelodeon Guts on SNES to add guts stages
  • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out-style game about MMA
  • Kissimmee Ninja
  • Robotech vs. Robocop
  • Puzzle Fighter III 3rd Strike, and it's a battle royale game like Tetris 99.
  • Fighting game tournament with two Sega Activators. The players face each other and not the screen.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo vs. The Phantom of the Opera
  • Breen Lantern
  • RPG battle commands that include Think and Pray
  • Death Crimson Lizard
  • Personal Space Harrier
  • Digitized graphics remake of Karateka
  • Mini mall-themed escape room: A handful of fake stores contain the items needed to leave the mall. You have to look for or make money to "buy" the key items.
  • Gaslightning
  • Hitman and the Masters of the Universe
  • ROM hack for ActRaiser that changes the Master into the Based God
  • Olive Gaiden
  • Bison Dollar Shave Club