For parodies, tag the name of the original show/game/movie.
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General rules
  • Work-safe images only. First violation results in a ban.
  • Please keep images wrestling- and /wooo/-related. Memes, inside jokes, and screencaps of threads that originated on /wooo/ are permitted, but not necessarily memes imported from other sites.
  • Non-wrestling entities in wrestling shows are allowed, but not the converse. For example, the Muppets guest hosted an episode of RAW, but that doesn't mean Muppet images are allowed here (unless they're from said episode of RAW or otherwise reference wrestling).
  • Hotlinking is allowed, but if possible, try to link to posts.
  • Please convert show screencaps into JPG format if they're in PNG format. They really don't need to be in excess of 400 KB. 80 quality or so should be enough. This doesn't apply to other kinds of pictures, especially exploitables and templates.
  • The administrator reserves the right to delete images without warning for any reason. More often than not, the reason will be that he doesn't feel it is related enough to pure wrestling and he doesn't want to see the aim of the site drift.