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autoplay_gif cm_punk house_show macro new_nexus shirt wwe // 150x100 // 1.2MB autoplay_gif cm_punk frowning gif new_nexus wwe // 200x150 // 3.1MB Raw cm_punk microphone new_nexus pointing smiling wwe // 424x318 // 208.1KB cm_punk new_nexus over_the_limit pointing wwe // 424x318 // 173.7KB cm_punk david_otunga extreme_rules mason_ryan michael_mcgillicutty new_nexus wwe // 424x318 // 228.5KB cm_punk david_otunga husky_harris michael_mcgillicutty new_nexus royal_rumble smiling wwe // 424x318 // 221.8KB
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