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When tagging a macro, describe the text as generally as possible in another tag and replace commonly changed words with "x" if they are not at the end of the phrase. For example, "my body is"; "arrive x leave"; "you mad" for all variations of "you mad", "he mad", etc.
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Raw Ricky_"The_Dragon"_Steamboat hillbilly_jim pointing sgt._slaughter sunglasses wwe // 424x318 // 233.5KB hillbilly_jim little_beaver mean_gene_okerlund microphone pointing suit the_haiti_kid wrestlemania wwf // 412x308 // 191.7KB hillbilly_jim wrestlemania wwf // 421x315 // 194.7KB hillbilly_jim wwf // 421x315 // 176.4KB glasses hillbilly_jim laughing million_dollar_man smackdown suit ted_dibiase tony_atlas wwe // 140x200 // 2.1MB
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