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When tagging a macro, describe the text as generally as possible in another tag and replace commonly changed words with "x" if they are not at the end of the phrase. For example, "my body is"; "arrive x leave"; "you mad" for all variations of "you mad", "he mad", etc.
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Lucha_Underground Sexy_Star animated_macro autoplay_gif banned chair chavo_guerrero // 200x105 // 824.1KB Parody chavo_guerrero custom_kornheiser velocity wwe // 174x313 // 97.7KB Los_Guerreros chavo_guerrero chris_benoit eddie_guerrero edge kurt_angle mask match_card rey_mysterio sunglasses survivor_series wwe wwe_tag_team_championship // 1070x688 // 143.6KB WWE_Cruiserweight_Championship chavo_guerrero jacqueline judgment_day match_card smiling wwe // 475x336 // 180.4KB chavo_guerrero the_great_american_bash wcw // 424x318 // 178.1KB bill_demott chavo_guerrero shawn_stasiak wcw wrestlemania wwf // 640x480 // 56.8KB Stacy_Keibler chavo_guerrero lance_storm shawn_stasiak wcw wrestlemania wwf // 640x480 // 67.1KB chavo_guerrero mask pointing rey_mysterio suit vickie_guerrero wrestlemania wwe wwe_world_heavyweight_championship // 456x352 // 53.8KB chavo_guerrero rey_mysterio smackdown vickie_guerrero wwe // 642x361 // 53.3KB Raw chavo_guerrero wwe // 424x318 // 168.4KB Parody chavo_guerrero custom_kornheiser // 373x274 // 23.8KB chavo_guerrero mask match_card rey_mysterio smiling summerslam wwe yelling // 2560x1600 // 621.5KB WWE_Cruiserweight_Championship chavo_guerrero chavo_guerrero_sr. mask match_card no_way_out rey_mysterio wwe // 640x480 // 57.0KB chavo_guerrero promotional_image wwe // 490x640 // 30.4KB Pay_Dirt autoplay_gif chavo_guerrero ecw gif pin referee scott_armstrong shelton_benjamin wwe // 200x150 // 3.4MB autoplay_gif chavo_guerrero ecw gif referee scott_armstrong shelton_benjamin wwe // 200x150 // 3.0MB No_mercy chavo_guerrero pointing wwe yelling // 424x318 // 210.4KB Hernandez austin_aries autoplay_gif bobby_roode chavo_guerrero earl_hebner gif lockdown referee tna // 200x150 // 1.5MB Bad_Influence Hernandez austin_aries autoplay_gif bobby_roode chavo_guerrero christopher_daniels earl_hebner gif kazarian lockdown referee suplex tna // 200x150 // 1.3MB bam_neely chavo_guerrero curt_hawkins la_familia summerslam tv vickie_guerrero wheelchair wwe zack_ryder // 407x305 // 190.0KB chavo_guerrero survivor_series wwe // 421x315 // 183.6KB chavo_guerrero smackdown vickie_guerrero wwe // 421x315 // 188.5KB chavo_guerrero pointing the_great_american_bash wwe yelling // 421x315 // 218.0KB Los_Guerreros chavo_guerrero eddie_guerrero smackdown wwe // 410x307 // 188.6KB
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