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When tagging a macro, describe the text as generally as possible in another tag and replace commonly changed words with "x" if they are not at the end of the phrase. For example, "my body is"; "arrive x leave"; "you mad" for all variations of "you mad", "he mad", etc.
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bully_ray came macro tna // 640x480 // 109.6KB Seth_Rollins came elimination_chamber macro wwe yelling // 295x295 // 42.8KB came macro the_rock wwf // 317x238 // 10.3KB armageddon came chris_jericho macro wwe // 424x318 // 179.3KB came kurt_angle macro smackdown wig wwe yelling // 407x305 // 174.4KB came cody_rhodes macro mask sin_cara spider-cara ted_dibiase_jr. wwe // 640x480 // 201.5KB came macro tagme // 753x540 // 58.9KB came johnny_curtis macro smackdown wwe // 600x438 // 33.4KB came kevin_nash laughing macro tna // 600x338 // 199.6KB came macro matt_hardy tna // 445x328 // 313.5KB came josh_mathews macro suit superstars wwe // 200x200 // 5.9KB booker_t came macro summerslam wwe yelling // 240x180 // 42.6KB came macro michael_mcgillicutty wwe // 600x338 // 28.8KB came confetti hat john_bradshaw_layfield macro smackdown smiling wwe // 404x303 // 240.9KB
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