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For parodies, tag the name of the original show/game/movie.
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El_Torito Konnor Los_Matadores The_Ascension Viktor autoplay_gif charles_robinson elimination_chamber gif referee wwe // 200x185 // 3.5MB Raw The_Ascension Viktor X-pac autoplay_gif clothesline clothesline_from_hell gif john_bradshaw_layfield kevin_nash nwo road_dogg ron_simmons scott_hall sean_waltman smiling wwe // 200x183 // 3.8MB Konnor Raw The_Ascension Viktor X-pac autoplay_gif conor_o'brien gif kevin_nash nwo pointing scott_hall sean_waltman wwe // 200x197 // 2.2MB Konnor NXT_Take_Over_REvolution The_Ascension Viktor nxt wwe // 599x331 // 203.6KB Hideo_Itami Kenta_Kobayashi Konnor NXT_Take_Over The_Ascension Viktor William_Regal autoplay_gif chair conor_o'brian gif nxt suit wwe // 200x115 // 906.7KB
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