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When tagging a macro, describe the text as generally as possible in another tag and replace commonly changed words with "x" if they are not at the end of the phrase. For example, "my body is"; "arrive x leave"; "you mad" for all variations of "you mad", "he mad", etc.
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Parody Raw crying gif the_rock tri.moon vince_mcmahon wwe wwf // 200x113 // 1.9MB Parody Raw aj_lee arms_folded autoplay_gif big_e dolph_ziggler gif wwe wwe_world_heavyweight_championship // 200x150 // 2.3MB Parody gif south_park the_great_khali // 200x163 // 539.6KB Parody computer disgust kurt_angle wwf // 640x959 // 460.0KB Parody custom_kornheiser genesis jeff_jarrett kurt_angle loltna tna vicodin // 489x269 // 218.0KB Lucha_Underground Parody screencap shirt tna website // 1200x930 // 66.0KB Buddy_Rogers Parody autoplay_gif mortal_kombat ric_flair // 256x138 // 2.1MB Lance_Hoyt Parody autoplay_gif don_west impact kip_james loltna mike_tenay ratings tna // 200x164 // 2.8MB Parody genesis grapes matt_hardy tna // 500x270 // 38.7KB Parody dave_meltzer photoshop stars // 592x388 // 35.0KB Jhon_Cena Parody john_cena macro // 448x898 // 252.6KB Dean_Ambrose Parody autoplay_gif fatality gif mortal_kombat skeleton video_game wwe // 158x150 // 94.7KB Arbab_Khizer_Hayat Parody hunter_hearst_helmsley nxt wwe // 604x350 // 55.9KB > >woo Luke_Harper Parody autoplay_gif macro randy_orton smackdown wwe // 250x141 // 2.8MB NXT_Championship Parody TNA_World_Heavyweight_Championship WWE_Cruiserweight_Championship bobby_lashley ecw_championship hunter_hearst_helmsley internet_championship million_dollar_championship money_in_the_bank_briefcase slammy_award smoking_skull_belt tna tna_x-division_championship wwe wwe_championship wwe_diva's_championship wwe_intercontinental_championship wwe_tag_team_championship wwe_united_states_championship wwe_world_heavyweight_championship wwf_championship wwf_european_championship wwf_hardcore_championship // 529x390 // 142.4KB Parody captain_new_japan hunter_hearst_helmsley nxt wwe // 600x366 // 564.6KB Parody custom_kornheiser john_cena // 284x444 // 30.7KB Jhon_Cena Parody Raw cima john_cena match_card wwe // 1192x636 // 1.2MB Parody hunter_hearst_helmsley nxt wwe wwe_world_heavyweight_championship // 545x497 // 44.1KB Parody blood sasha_banks street_fighter // 447x251 // 14.5KB Apollo_Crews Parody blacked smackdown tongue wwe // 575x383 // 139.9KB Parody Raw macklemore magglemore michael_cole wwe // 600x400 // 39.3KB Parody action_figure gaijin_4koma hunter_hearst_helmsley stone_cold_steve_austin the_rock undertaker // 1000x1500 // 728.8KB Parody autoplay_gif chikara death dragon_dragon gif mortal_kombat oleg_the_usurper ripe_for_the_picking wrestling_is_fun // 200x113 // 1.4MB
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