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If the wrestler's name changed slightly, use the most recent form.
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Bret_Hart Bruno_sammartino Dean_Ambrose Parody Roman_Reigns Seth_Rollins andre_the_giant cesaro comic_book_cover dolph_ziggler hornswoggle hulk_hogan john_cena randy_orton shawn_michaels stone_cold_steve_austin undertaker wrestlemania wwe wwe_world_heavyweight_championship // 600x891 // 156.1KB Bruno_sammartino WWE_Hall_Of_Fame_Induction_Ceremony laughing smiling suit wwe // 424x318 // 226.5KB Bruno_sammartino WWE_Hall_Of_Fame_Induction_Ceremony pointing smiling suit wwe // 424x318 // 228.0KB Bruno_sammartino bob_backlund hand_shake promotional_image smiling wwf wwf_championship // 639x800 // 63.6KB Bruno_sammartino promotional_image wwf wwf_championship // 642x722 // 98.2KB
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