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When tagging a macro, describe the text as generally as possible in another tag and replace commonly changed words with "x" if they are not at the end of the phrase. For example, "my body is"; "arrive x leave"; "you mad" for all variations of "you mad", "he mad", etc.
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woo > >woo Mandible_Claw autoplay_gif gif hunter_hearst_helmsley mick_foley woo // 256x200 // 3.1MB woo wooo > >woo alberto_del_rio smackdown spoilers wwe // 339x360 // 194.7KB woo > >woo Parody commercial john_cena woo // 200x139 // 1.3MB woo > >woo animated_macro autoplay_gif the_simpsons // 200x150 // 394.4KB woo >woo Tajiri animated_macro autoplay_gif eugene smash // 200x160 // 1.7MB woo Parody custom_kornheiser ric_flair wcw // 204x345 // 65.9KB woo > autoplay_gif the_rock tri.moon vince_mcmahon wwf_championship wwf_no_mercy // 200x150 // 2.0MB woo > Raw animated_macro autoplay_gif shane_mcmahon vince_mcmahon wwe // 200x200 // 2.3MB woo Sami_Zayn selfie shirt // 480x640 // 101.0KB woo > Dean_Ambrose Raw animated_macro autoplay_gif gif sheamus slap wwe // 200x200 // 1.3MB woo > >woo autoplay_gif brock_lesnar clothesline undertaker wrestlemania wwe // 200x161 // 3.0MB woo > >woo Raw autoplay_gif cesaro john_cena macro wwe // 200x113 // 4.2MB woo > Dean_Ambrose Mike_Chioda Raw Seth_Rollins The_Shield animated_macro autoplay_gif brogue_kick daniel_bryan gif referee sheamus wwe // 200x150 // 1.5MB
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