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annie_(skullgirls) beowulf_(skullgirls) chair skullgirls video_game // 1845x1200 // 861.6KB

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TheOpponent: lal annie

And to think I voted for her last round.
Parody WWE_World_Tag_Team_Championship ducktales hunter_hearst_helmsley wwe_championship wwe_intercontinental_championship wwe_tag_team_championship wwe_united_states_championship wwe_world_heavyweight_championship wwf_championship wwf_european_championship wwf_hardcore_championship wwf_intercontinental_championship wwf_tag_team_championship // 333x246 // 179.9KB

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TheOpponent: I blanket added a bunch of championship tags. Please correct as necessary.
Border_Wars Davey_Richards double_foot_stomp gif paul_london ring_of_honor // 325x287 // 2.1MB
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in_memory paul_bearer wwe // 400x280 // 18.3KB
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Rakinishu: R.I.P Percy.
hunter_hearst_helmsley unforgiven wwe // 400x300 // 14.7KB
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Rakinishu: I was just curious, Where do you get these? Are you screencaping them yourself or just saving them from the internet?
Ground_Zero in_your_house macro shawn_michaels undertaker wwf // 400x299 // 88.8KB
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Rakinishu: Oh god I burst out laughing.
kane mask promotional_image wwf wwf_championship // 642x722 // 101.8KB
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Rakinishu: WE need more high quality studio images. So if you see this then go on a quest through google images or any image source you can find and come back with some good quality studio photos. If they are less than 400 pixels in any direction then you have failed.
beowulf_(skullgirls) gif skullgirls video_game // 520x400 // 1.5MB

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TheOpponent: Autoplay:
autoplay_gif beowulf_(skullgirls) gif skullgirls video_game // 200x154 // 201.1KB

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TheOpponent: Full size:
cornette_face glasses jim_cornette // 720x540 // 550.1KB

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TheOpponent: First-generation DVD screenshot of the Cornette Face provided by Maffew.

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TheOpponent: PAL resolution wut
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