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logo smackdown wwe // 600x338 // 109.0KB
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EnjoiIsGood: They could've at least skewed it a little bit.

Looks odd like this.
wooo money_in_the_bank screencap // 1536x2048 // 542.2KB

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cm_punk glitch john_cena video_game wwe wwe_2k17 // 550x296 // 6.2MB

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TheOpponent: That famous glitch that made Bryan Alvarez break down on air.
Roman_Reigns botch hunter_hearst_helmsley screencap twitter wrestlemania wwe wwe_world_heavyweight_championship // 615x600 // 362.7KB

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TheOpponent: Triple vs. H
botch hulk_hogan screencap twitter // 600x669 // 419.6KB

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TheOpponent: >botch
wooo screencap thread_screencap // 2048x2048 // 590.5KB

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TheOpponent: Remind me what this was about.
wooo screencap thread_screencap // 1343x506 // 50.6KB

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TheOpponent: Wish I could see those replies.
woootube // 100x56 // 123.5KB
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ShadyHighlander: This fucking gif is smaller than the tip of my thumb.
King_Cuerno Lucha_Underground // 89x50 // 143.0KB

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TheOpponent: What is this? A GIF for ants?
wooo screencap sheamus survivor_series thread_screencap wwe // 1782x267 // 91.7KB

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TheOpponent: See also: Survivor Series 2015
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