If the wrestler's name changed slightly, use the most recent form.
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19/03/20 - 420chan now allows GIFs to autoplay at any resolution. The autoplay_gif tag is now deprecated.

18/08/16 - Tomi "Tri.Moon" Karppinen 1992-2018

18/04/10 - /wooo/booru has transfered to a new domain. The new address is https://theo.minuspoint.com/wooobooru/. All previous addresses will redirect to the new location. Please update your links and bookmarks.

17/12/06 - The server upgrade has been postponed to today, 12/6/2017, at 9 PM EST.

17/12/04 - A server upgrade will begin tomorrow, 12/5/2017, starting at 11 PM EST. /wooo/booru will be unavailable until it is complete.

17/01/18 - /wooo/booru now has 25,000 images! Thank you all (mostly SatanicMonkey) for your support.

17/01/11 - Autoplay GIFs on /wooo/ are now allowed for GIFs up to 256 x 200. The autoplay_gif tag and apg alias may be used on GIFs of that size.

16/10/07 - status.whatistheexcel.com is now open to verify the uptime of this site.

16/06/19 - 420chan now allows WebM uploads of up to 10 MB. The file size limit for /wooo/booru has been increased to 10 MB accordingly, but note that this applies to all uploads. Non-WebM files can also exceed 10 MB now, but the old file size limits for non-WebM files on 420chan still apply.