WARNING:An aquarium's worth of fish is approaching fast

One of the most important facet of shoot'em-ups since the mid-Eighties is the boss. Indeed, I think I can safely call the Darius games the monster movies of the shoot'em-up genre. And so, I present the master list of all Darius bosses so far. So you don't have to look for them per game. Now say thank you, you ungrateful critter.

You are also encouraged to meet the heroes, who spend a lot of time blowing these fellows up.

NameCreature of origin
#106780 YamatoOctopus, coelecanth and shrimp tempura
Absolute DefenderPinecone fish
Ancient HelmHorseshoe crab
Accordion HazardAnomalocaris
Alloy LanternAngler fish
Ancient DozerSomething close to a horseshoe crab
Bald CrabSome crab dude?
B-GaudianGarden eel
Big MermanOcean sunfish
Big RajarnnThornback ray
Bio HazardWater flea
Bio StrongEmbryo/foetus
Buddy BlazerScorpionfish
Burst OutPuffer fish?
Crab ArmerA horseshoe crab
Crusty HammerMantis shrimp
Curious ChandelierJapanese shrimp jellyfish
Cuttle FishGiant squid
Dark CoronatusSeahorse
Dark ModonBlack swallower
Deadly CrescentMirror dory
Death WingsManta ray
Deep DragonSea dragon
Demon SwordA cephalopod...
Devil FishAnother squide
Dimension DiverChimera
Double DealerPanther flounder
Drio SawmA marine annelid?
Dual HornSpiny lobster
Dual ShearsLobster
Eclipse EyeGibberfish
Eight Feet UmbrellaJapanese pancake devilfish (go figure...)
Electric FanA generic sea anemone
Emperor FossilCoelacanth
Eternal TriangleGoblin shark
Fatty GluttonPiranha
Fire FossilCoelacanth
Fire StarA generic starfish
Folding FanJapanese fan-fish
Full Metal ShellA sea-turtle
G.T.Sperm whale
Gaulst VicGoddamn Terminator prop
Golden EyesKimedai fish
Golden OgreOgrefish
Grand Octopus(groan...)
Great ForceHumpback whale
Great ThingSperm whale
Great TuskWalrus
Green CoronatusSeahorse
Guard SavageShark. 'Nuff said.
Hard MolluscPortugese man o'war
Heat ArrowOcean sunfish
Heavy Arms ShellA sea-turtle, but which one?
Hyper GreatthingSperm whale
Hyper StingLionfish/Scorpionfish?
Hysteric EmpressJapanese giant crab
Iron HammerHammerhead shark
Keen BayonetSwordfish
Killer Hijia/HigiaMackerel
King FossilCoelacanth
Lightning CoronatusSeahorse
Little StripesAngelfish
Mech. Bio-StrongMecha-embryo
MegaloprosPrehistoric bird?
Mother HawkYou!
Mudy CrystalJellyfish
My Home DaddyHermit crab
My Home Daddy's GirlForget it
Mystic PowerNautilus
NehonojiaA coelacanth skeleton
Neon Light IllusionGlowing squid
Odious TridentOcean sunfish
Peace DestroyerOarfish
Prickly AnglerAnglerfish
Proco and TiatHumanoids
Queen FossilCoelacanth
Red CrabFiddler crab
Red MistOctopus
Revenge SharkWhale shark
Risk StorageGulper eel
Spiral SnailSnail...
Steel SpinePorcupine fish
Storm CauserOgrefish
Strong ShellAnother sea-turtle
Super AlloylanternAnglerfish
Titanic LanceSome extinct belemnite
Tough SpringShrimp
The EmbryonNaked sea butterfly (I kind you not)
Thunderbolt FansSea anemones
Tripod SardineTripod fish(!!)
Vermillion CoronatusSeahorse
YamatoBattleship, then hermit crab
Zandick IIPleiosaurus
Special thanks to Nate at the shmups.com forum for putting this one together, and to Skyknight for some invaluable help on fitting fishes to bosses.

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